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Engine, Racing, Honda GX200, Super Stock Engine, Racing, 6.5 OHV, Street & Track Special - READY TO SHIP SPECIAL
GX200 specially prepared for mild racing and for off-road applications that need more power than our factory stock offers or where there all no rules. 13+ hp depending on configuration

6.5 Chinese OHV economically prepared for stock type racing and for off-road applications need more power than stock.

Hop Up Kit- 212 Predator OHV (old style), Stage 4 Engine, Racing, GX390 Mud Motor & Off Road Special
Our Stage 4+ kits allows you to customize a kit for your application. The 4+ kit starts with package similar to that of the stage 3 kit but adds a Ported and Milled Head, stainless valves, billet rockers, and a serious cam package. Options include everything from roller rockers to stroker kits. This kit will allow you to build a motor in excess of 20+ hp

GX390 ready to go for Mud Motor or Off Road Buggies!

Hop Up Kit - GX240, GX270, 9/11hp OHV, & 301, Stage 4 Engine Kit, 214 to 236cc, 2.310 Billet Stroker Crank, Wiseco Piston - GX200 & 6.5 Chinese OHV's
For building a serious a GX270 or301, the 4 kit starts with package similar to that of the stage 3 kit but adds a Ported and Milled Head with stainless, stainless valves, stud kit, & HD valve train components.

214 to 232cc Stroker Kit for GX200s with Billet Crank and Forged piston