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Engine Kit, GX390 Stroker, 420 cc (+.200), Cast Crank Engine Kit, 218cc for Old Style Predators,
420cc Engine kit for GX390s

Includes rotating assembly

218+cc engine kit for Old Style 212 Predators

OEM Crankshaft welded and ground producing .060 more stroke, Includes rotating assembly
Engine, Racing, Open Modified, Honda GX270 Hop Up Kit - GX200 & 6.5 Chinese OHV, Stage 1

All out racing motors for open and modified classes.

Basic kit for improving the performance of GX160, 200s, and Chinese 6.5 Engines. Simple to install, you can expect significant performance increases
Engine, Racing, GX390 Mud Motor & Off Road Special Hop Up Kit - GX240 - GX270 and 8/9hp Chinese OHV, Stage 2
GX390 ready to go for Mud Motor or Off Road Buggies! Step up from the Stage 1, this kit is designed to further improve the power for the GX240s and GX270s by adding a larger carb and cam.