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Piston Stop, Head, mounted

Used when head is installed, Quickly inserts through the spark plug hole to set a degree wheel.  Used as a positive stop for setting up degree wheel.

Our Price: $11.99
Gauge, BSP/AKRA "6.5 OHV" Class, Carb Kit

Includes .042, .066 and .615 Class ZZ inspected/certified no-go pins. Used to check max diameters of HS jet, emulsion tube and venturi of BSP Chinese OHV class carburetors

Our Price: $19.99
Electronic Calipers

6 Inch

Our Price: $20.99
Plug Gauge, cc Tool

Used for CC chamber on ASN, WKA, BSP engines. Fits in spark plug hole

Our Price: $23.99
Gauge, Go - No Go, Carburetor, Venturi, AKRA 6.5 HP (.615 NoGo)

GO NOGO Gauge for Checking Carbs

Our Price: $52.99
Degree Wheel, with Quick - Set Arbor

Quick-Set Degree Wheel Kit.  The arbor shaft slips over the PTO and uses a slip-clutch to provide quick and easy degree wheel operation on all 4-cycle engines.  The 360 degree markings make Chinese OHV duration check a snap when used with the Cam checking tools.  Use with a pointer Kit to quickly take accurate reading off the degree wheel.

Our Price: $63.99
Cam & Lift Checking Fixture - GX200/160 & 6.5 Chinese OHV's, Head, Mounted

Designed to check lift at the rocker arms but can also check lift at the cam. No need to remove head. Includes dial indicator, GX160/200 and 6.5 Chinese OHVs and extension

Our Price: $70.99
Burette, 50cc with stand and clamp

CC Burette, clamp, and Stand - Used for CC chamber on ASN, WKA, BSP engines. 0 to 50cc. Use with above Plug and Light oil or Transmission Fluid

Our Price: $70.99
Spring Tester

This one of a kind tool is essential in establishing what pressure your valve spring will exert when it is installed at the height your installed height gauge says it is.

Our Price: $131.99