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Clutch, Fun Kart, 1" Bore, 14 Tooth, 40/41 Chain Clutch, Fun Kart, 1" Bore, 14 Tooth, 40/41 Chain

Fun Kart Clutch for 40/41 chain, 1" shaft for stock and mild motors.

Our Price: $59.99
Clutch, Noram, Star, 1" Clutch, Noram, Star, 1"

Product Specs:

  • 1" Bore
  • #35 Chain
  • Bi-Directional (Inboard or Outboard)
  • Will work on engines up to 18HP
  • Comes with Red Springs - Engages at 2500 RPM

There are many variables that play into the performance of a clutch. Tire size, rear sprocket size and rear drive set-up are a few of the main variables that could affect clutch performance.

Our Price: $167.99
Clutch, Noram, Mini-Cup, 1" Clutch, Noram, Mini-Cup, 1"

Noram Mini Cup Clutch

Engineered exclusively for the Mini Cup Series of Racing, this clutch offers the winner the following benefits

Turned Steel Drum for perfect run out
Heat dissipating holes in drum for cooler running clutch
Three shoe design provides excellent 360 degree contact for more torque
Variable spring assortment allows flexibility in engagement settings
Set to engage at 1700rpm, Outboard Mounting Only.
4 cycle - 1" counterbore - #35 Chain

Fits GX270, GX390s, and 420 Predators

Use http://www.nrracing.com/product-p/nasd.htm drums

Our Price: $175.99
Clutch, Premier Titan, 1" Minicup Clutch, Premier Titan, 1" Minicup

The Titan Mini Cup Clutch is designed for GX270 & GX390 applications including karting, Mini-Bikes, & Mini-Cup Series of Racing. 1" counterbore for up to 18HP engines.

This computer-designed centrifugal clutch is the ultimate drum clutch for GX390s 13/15hp Chinese OHVs

It features:

  • Machined drum with interchangable sprockets for the ultimate in strength and alignment
  • Unique hub and shoe design for maximum power transmission
  • A shoe/spring/hub cartridge for quick easy set up changes
  • 4-cycle - 1" counterbore - #35 chain

Our Price: $208.99
Clutch, Viper, 1" Big Block, 4 Disc Clutch, Viper, 1" Big Block, 4 Disc

Viper Big Block Clutch , Fits 1.0" Crankshafts, Four Disk Model

Requires use of Buller Brand TURBO 1.0" Sprockets (Not Included).

Includes Universal Mounting Hardware Kit. Not brand specific, and may need other shims or washers for alignment and spacing.

For sprockets, click here

Our Price: $299.99
Clutch, Bully 1" Turbo, 4 Disc Clutch, Bully 1" Turbo, 4 Disc

Best clutch for high HP 390s, 1" Bore, In-board or Out-Board

Clutch DOES NOT come with driver.
Order drivers separate, CLICK HERE

Our Price: $359.99