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Chain, RLV Xtreme, Black on Black (Economy), #35 - 100 ft Roll

  • #35 RLV Xtreme Chain.
  • Basic Chain for Karting and Racing
  • Xtreme Chain is 10% lighter than the leading imported chain.
  • This weight reduction equals less rolling resistance and faster acceleration.
  • Pre-lubricated and pre-stretched.
  • Our Price: $359.00
    Sale Price: $319.00
    Savings: $40.00
    Chain, RLV Xtreme, Gold on Black (Performance), #35 - 100 ft. Roll

    #35 RLV X-treme Performance Kart Chain "Gold on Black" RLV X-treme performance kart chain is unique because it has angular-seam split roller bushings. These patent-pending bushings are formed from strip steel that is formed and die-sized around a precision mandrel to create a bushing with excellent roundness, superior strength, and very little wall thickness variation. This reduces wear (stretching), reducing sprocket wear and power losses from improper sprocket/chain engagement.

    100 FOOT ROLL

    Our Price: $399.00
    Chain, Silver Pro, #35, 100ft Roll

    This Quality #35 EK Chain is available in a Silver Pro race quality chain.

    100 ft Roll

    Our Price: $459.00
    Sale Price: $459.00
    Chain, RLV Xtreme, Gold on Gold (High Performance), #35 - 100 ft Roll

    RLV Xtreme has made the ultimate in high performance Kart chain. State-of-the-art materials combined with the latest in drive system technology has produced a chain that is lighter in weight for quicker acceleration and less rolling resistance while maintaining superior strength. Xtreme chain is pre-lubricated and pre-stretched which reduces the need for adjustments. It is held to tight tolerances to make it free rolling with less drag between bushing, pin and side bar. Side bars coated for superior wear resistance and less sprocket wear. Patent Pending bushings with their angular seams is another milestone in design and function. If you are not using Xtreme, Gold on Gold, you are not running your best

    100 FOOT ROLL

    Our Price: $599.99