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Valve Guide Driver, 5.5 mm  (GX160 & GX200) : Genuine Honda Valve Guide Driver, 6.5 mm  (GX270 & GX390) : Genuine Honda Valve Guide GO/NO Go Gauge
Genuine Honda.
Fits GX120 thru GX200s and most 6.5 OHV, & 212 Predators
Genuine Honda. Fits GX270 & GX390s (also most Chinese 13/15hp & 420s) MC217219
Reamer, Valve Guide, 6.6mm (.260) Straight : GX270, GX390, & 420 Predators Reamer, Valve Guide, 5.52mm (.217) Straight : GX120 to GX200, and 6.5 Chinese OHV's Reamer, Valve Guide, 5.52mm Tapered, GX120 to GX200 : Genuine Honda
6.5mm Straight, Aftermarket For Honda GX200, 6.5 OHV, BSP Racing "Clones", and 212 Predator Valve Guides.

2.170" Straight
5.52mm Tapered, Genuine Honda
Reamer, Valve Guide, 6.5mm Stem, GX240 to GX390 : Genuine Honda Valve Guide Service Kit, 5.5 (GX120 to GX200, )
6.6mm Tapered, Genuine Honda Includes GO/NOGO Gauge, Driver, Reamer, and Hone
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