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Jet, Main, GX Series Honda, Chinese OHV, & Predators, Aftermarket

These are Aftermarket or Honda jets that have been drilled to the selected size. They do not flow as well as OEM jets. Select one size larger than you would use for a OEM Jet.

Note: Due to differences between metric and standard drill sizes along with manufacturing processes, jets may not match up exactly with the Honda Jet Sizing.

List Price: $2.00
Our Price: $2.00
Jet, Main, GX Series, Genuine Honda, GX120 thru GX390 series.

OEM Honda Jets.

Suggested Sizes for Gas (see aftermarket jets for Methanol)

GX120s #68 to #70
GX160s #78 to #82
GX200s Stock Carb #92
GX200s Bored Carb #95
Clone Carbs #95
Bored Clone Carbs #98
SA Extreme #98 to #105

Our Price: $5.49