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Valve Lapper, Hand Valve Guide Driver, 6.5mm, GX270 & GX390: Genuine Honda Valve Seat Cutter Replacement Blades
Valve Lapper, Hand
Our Price: $6.64
Inexpensive way to lap valves

Fits GX270s,GX390s, and Most Chinese 13/15HPs and 420s.

Replacement Blades for Neway Cutters

Valve Guide Driver, 5.5mm, GX160 & GX200: Genuine Honda Valve Lapper for Drill, GX160 & GX200 Valve Lapper for Drill, GX120
Genuine Honda Valve Guide Driver, 5.5mm

Use in Drill to Lap Valves, The Easiest and Quickest Way.

Use to Lap Valves In with Drill, The Easiest and Quickest Way.

Pilot, Valve Seat Cutter, 5.0mm Valves Valve Spring Compressor, Handheld Valve Guide, Go/No-Go Gauge (.2165" & .219")
30 and 60 Degree Cutters to Convert Single Angle to Three Angle Kit

Handheld Compressor for Installing Heavy Valve Springs on Honda Heads. Fits GX200 and 6.5 Chinese OHV.

Gauge for checking valve guides to Honda Specs

Valve Guide Arbor, Briggs Valve Spring Compressor, Stud Mounted EZ Spin Handle for Seat Cutter Kits
Valve Guide Arbor, Briggs
Our Price: $47.08
A Simple, Hands-Free Way to Compress Your Valve Springs. Works on GX200s, 6.5 Chinese OHVs, GX390s, and 13 Chinese OHVs.

Turn cutters continuously. Improves control of material removal. Includes Drive Adaptor

Valve Guide Service Kit, 5.5mm: GX120 to GX200, BSP "Clone", & 212 Predator Spring Seat Cutter for Honda & 6.5 OHV Valve Spring Pressure Tester
Includes Reamer, Driver, GO/NO-GO Gauge, and Hone. Choice of Tapered or Straight Reamer.

Used for Cutting Spring Seats for Dual Springs and/or Increasing Spring Installed Height

Tester to Determine Spring Pressure at Any Installed Height or Compression

Valve Seat Cutter Kit, GX200 & 6.5 Chinese OHV, 1 Angle Valve Seat Cutters, 3 Angle Add-on (1 to 3 Angle Conversion) Valve Seat Cutter Kit, GX270 & GX390, 3 Angle
Kit includes: 45 degree cutter, case, pilot, T-Handle, and tool kit. Fits 19-32mm valves. 30 and 60 degree cutters to convert a single-angle kit to a three-angle.

Includes: Cutters 30/46/60, Case, Pilot, T-Handle, and Tool Kit.

Valve Seat Cutter Kit, GX200 & 6.5 Chinese OHV, 3 Angle Valve Refacer, Neway Gizmatic
Kit includes: 30, 45, and 60 Cutter; Case; Pilot; T-Handle; and Tool Kit. Fits 19 to 32mm valves.

The Gizmatic is an efficient tool for refacing valves by hand.