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Rod, Connecting, GX200 & AKRA/BSP "Clone", 3.313 +(.010) Extra Long Rod, Connecting, GX200 & AKRA/BSP "Clone", 3.313 +(.010) Extra Long

Clone/GX200 3.313" long stock rod. This is a stock, cast rod that is +.010" over stock length. If the top of the piston is .015" or more down in the bore from the cylinder's gasket surface when the crank is at top dead center using a regular stock length (3.303") rod, this long rod will bring it .010" closer to the top. This will decrease your combustion chamber volume by approximately 1cc which will increase compression and yield .25 to .5 HP to a stocker engine.

Although there is not a specific rule on connecting rod length, AKRA rules have a "catch all" rule of +/-.005" to a known stock part used whenever a spec is not given. This rod is obviously outside those parameters.

Will NOT fit Predators

Our Price: $13.19