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Engine Kit, 218cc for Hemi Predators Engine Kit, 180cc, GX160 + .160", Stroker Kit
218+cc engine kit for 212 Hemi Predators OEM Hemi Crankshaft welded and ground producing.060 more stroke, Includes rotating assembly

180cc Stroker Kit : (+.160") for GX160s. Bolt in kit

Engine, Racing, 6.5 OHV, Modified Level 4 Engine Kit, GX390, 420cc , +.200 Cast Crank, 88mm Cast Flattop
All out Racing Chinese OHVs for modified and open class racing. 17+ hp available.

420cc Engine kit for GX390s with stock bore. Includes rotating assembly

Stud Kit, Head, GX200, 6.5 Chinese OHV, & 212 Predator Engine, Racing, Honda GX200, Limited Mod
Stud Kit Includes : Head Studs, Side Cover Studs, Washers & Nuts, Solid case Dowel Pins, Mandatory for all HP applications.

GX200 "Open" Racing Engines that provide a great compromise between reliability and power. Up to 20 HP. These are the GX200s that are winning world wide in SA and Modified classes.