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Engine, Briggs, Animal Engine, Briggs, Animal

Briggs & Stratton Animal Engine for Racing Applications

Our Price: $659.00
Engine, Briggs Animal, M Series (QMA/USAC/Quarter Midgets) Engine, Briggs Animal, M Series (QMA/USAC/Quarter Midgets)

M-Series Engine for Quarter Midgets, Sold with or without Gear Box

Our Price: $659.00
Engine, Briggs, Animal, LO206 Engine, Briggs, Animal, LO206

L206 Engine for IKF/WKA Rule Set

Our Price: $659.00
Engine, Briggs, World Formula, Karting Applications (3/4" Shaft) Engine, Briggs, World Formula, Karting Applications (3/4" Shaft)

World Formula Engine for Karting and 1/4" Midget Applications

Our Price: $949.00

Briggs Animal Engines

With a Briggs and Stratton engine, you can take your go kart racing to the next level. If you are in the market for a new go kart engine, Briggs Animal Engines are a great option offering quality and consistency at a fair price. Each Briggs Animal is hand built and tested at the Briggs skunk-works in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Whether you participate in USAC racing or quarter midget racing, we have exactly what you need. Our fast go kart engines will get you across that finish line in no time. The type of go kart motor you choose can either bring you in first place or put you in last, so be sure to select a high-quality and reliable engine.
At NR Racing, we offer a wide selection of modified and racing engines such as Honda, Briggs, Predator, and more so you can find the perfect engine for your next race.