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Lapping Compound, Valves, Package. Contains .75 oz each of Coarse & fine. Lapping Compound, Valves, 90 Grit Silicon Carbide. Use for pitted and rough used valves. 2 oz. Lapping Compound, Valves, 280 Grit Silicon Carbide. Use after cutting seats or after using 120 grit. 2 oz.
High temperature grease for lapping, grinding, sharpening and polishing metal surfaces

For rough or pitted Valves

For most applications

Lapping Compound, Valves, Bearings and Rocker Arms, 2000 Grit Silicon Carbide Lapping Compound, Valves, 120 & 280 Grit Lapping Compound, Valves, 600 Grit Aluminum Oxide. Used if ultra fine finish is desired.
For lapping roller Bearings & Rocker Arms

For Valve Grinding. High Quality Compound. Use 120 grit for used valves and follow with 280 grit

For new valves, Also great for lapping in flywheels.